The omnipresence of Aluminium Composite Panels in both interiors and exteriors of living spaces and commercial buildings are on an all-time high, thanks to the array of benefits that ACP sheets have to offer.

ACP sheets consist of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets that boast a non-aluminium core in between them. Used vastly to beautify facades, ACP sheets are a wonderful choice for interior aesthetic elevation. Besides, ACPs are being used in the Signage Industry for ethereal advertisements.

Here are the benefits of using ACP sheets over other cladding materials:

ACP Sheets are Environment-Friendly:

Aluminium Composite Panels are extremely popular in the Photovoltaic and Solar Heating Industry. Energy-efficient and sustainable, ACP sheets are also fully recyclable. Aluminium extracted from AluWall ACP sheets can be used again and again without the loss of quality or value.

ACP Sheets are of Robust Quality:

Aluminium Composite Panels are ideal to be used for exterior cladding purposes. ACP sheets are able to withstand the effects of weathering owing to its corrosion-resistant properties. ACP sheets are UV Resistant and have noticeable heat insulation properties. Besides, ACP sheets can also be exposed to a temperature range of -50° to +80° Centigrade.

ACP Sheets are Ergonomic:

Having high rigidity, Aluminium Composite Panels are already becoming the favourite of the architectural fraternity. ACP sheets are also highly formable and light in weight. These properties increase the workability of the ACP sheets, while the fairly flexible nature allows the sheets to be easily customized. Above all, AluWall ACP sheets are bendable and thus can be cut and fit into any desired shape and size.

ACP Sheets are Non-Toxic:

The winning factor of the ACP Industry over the Marble Industry lies in the fact that the extraction of Marble comes with the risk of Rheumatoid pneumoconiosis. A direct result of prolonged exposure to silica dust, this lung disease is absent in the ACP Industry. Besides, ACP Industry leaders such as AluWall follows stringent Quality Check measures that inhibit the exploitation of health of the workers. At AluWall we ensure VOC free paint that guarantees zero harmful fumes. Our Lead-free paints promise never to harm the environment or human health.

ACP Sheets Possess Effective Heat Insulation Properties:

AluWall ACP sheets are a perfect choice when it comes to innovative heat insulation options. Not only can ACP sheets protect the exterior of a building against weathering and moisture, but it also can be used in well-ventilated facades, that encourage heat insulation with well-planned air gaps that retain warmth.

Choose AluWall ACP sheets that come with a plethora of benefits over other cladding materials. The beautiful shade range, along with a rugged quality is sure to revamp the appearance of your dream projects.