AluWall Aluminium Composite Panels has the winning edge over other cladding materials that lack AluWall ACP’s delightfully flexible nature. Light in weight, AluWall ACP sheets are ideal to clad even the most unconventionally shaped surfaces. This lends it excellent workability while also assuring easy installation. Besides, AluWall ACPs are easy to maintain, easy to clean and extremely cost-effective.

Here are an array of features that make AluWall ACP sheets the perfect choice for Designer Facades:

  1. Easy Workability: AluWall ACPs can be bent, folded and turned easily while presenting no crack risks.
  2. Fully Recyclable: AluWall ACPs boast unmatched flatness, are incredibly light in weight and can be fully recycled.
  3. Available in 3 mm Thickness: AluWall ACPs are available in 3 mm thickness and are ideal to be used for interior and exterior grades of cladding.
  4. Seamless Perforations: AluWall ACPs are easy to perforate.
  5. Impressive Durability: AluWall ACP sheets also withstand extreme weather conditions.
  6. Usage of Lead-free Paints: AluWall ACPs are environmentally conscious owing to the Lead-Free paints, which beautify its surface.


AluWall ACP cladding can be used for both interior and exterior. It can be used for Corporate Identity Designing as well.

Design innovative façade, canopy, overhang, soffit, wall covering, false ceiling, cupboards, wardrobes, modular kitchens, tabletops, column covers, signage, kiosks, totems, POPs, fascia, and more with AluWall ACPs.