AluWall ACP sheets remain to be the number one choice for Facade Designers, Architects and Interior Designers- thanks to a pleasant shade range and unparalleled quality. Manufactured using strict Quality Control measures and world-class equipments, AluWall ACPs remain to deliver the best. Ideal to be installed both for exteriors and interiors, AluWall ACP sheets are available in 3mm thickness.

The design philosophy of AluWall ACP sheets revolves around the latest trends in the world architectural scenario. Vibrant shades, choice undertones, mesmerizing textures and contemporary designs- these are the primary elements behind AluWall ACP sheets.

AluWall’s design philosophy incorporates a keen eye to Ecological Balance and Environmental Sustainability. Apart from using only recyclable Aluminium coil for manufacturing all of their offerings, AluWall also tries to combat deforestation by offering a range of ACPs that mimic the colour, tone, texture and look of wood. The idea behind it is simple- ACPs can easily mimic the look and feel of real wood, but without harming Mother Nature. AluWall is heavily influenced in all of its sustainability measures by Aludecor, the ACP giant who manufactures and markets AluWall ACPs.

Sustainable Design Philosophy

AluWall’s Titanium Series of ACPs offer a variety of ACP shades in the hues of wood. An amalgamation of the most celebrated hardwood and softwood tree barks, these shades look ethereal while adding depth and sincerity to any surface that it has been clad with.

On the other hand, AluWall’s Titanium Series of ACPs feature a range of shades that mimic naturally occurring stones. A bold measure to control rampant “Marble-Farming”, AluWall offers a range of ACPs that look exactly like curated stones. The beautiful hues of the Series inject a feel of Zen artistry, wherever it is installed. Besides, the colours, the natural-looking veins and feathering details surely are a reminisce of naturally found stones.

AluWall’s Titanium Series of ACPs come with ten years of warranty. Manufactured using only the best raw materials, these ACP sheets are sure to elevate the appearance of your dream projects.