The rising trend of “Metallic Colours” has started spreading its influence on the contemporary Facade and Interior Designing Industry. Metallic colours like Platinum, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Tin and Gold are slowly being elevated as the most demanding colour of 2020. Metallic colours impart a sense of sophistication with minimal effort, to the surfaces it has been clad with. 

Rising Trend of 2020- Metallic shades of ACPs:

The greatest advantage of metallic shades is that one can dress up or dress down the tones very easily. Metallic shades of ACPs are a perfect way to add the right amount of opulence to interiors and exteriors of buildings.


AluWall brings to you, an array of Metal finish ACP sheets, which are sure to be the number one choice of Facade Designers and Interior Designers. Contemporary in its appearance, these metallic shades of ACPs come in neutral, warm and cool undertones. Be it sleek interiors or industrial grunge themed facades, AluWall metallic shades of ACPs remain to be a perfect fit.

Vast Colour Range of AluWall ACP Sheets:

Celebrate the grandeur with AluWall metallic shades of ACPs that turn any Feature Wall into a piece of art. Very Art Deco in its appearance, AluWall ACP sheets in the hues of Tin, Platinum and Silver create interesting visual drama once the light hits its lustrous surfaces.

On the other hand, the Gold, Copper and Bronze hued metallic shades of ACPs make sure to instil resplendence to innovative facades and wall claddings.

AluWall’s Gold and Platinum Series of ACPs come in super shiny surfaces that consist of unparalleled glitz and glam. Our shade range includes shades of Silver such as Glam Silver, Soft Silver and Sparkling Silver. ACP shades like Sparkling Gold, Russet Copper, Gold Star and Java Brown are available in 3mm thickness. Moreover, shades like Metallic Ash, Sparkling White and Metallic Coal Black stand out undoubtedly with its beautiful tones and outstanding glossy appearance.

Opt for AluWall metallic shades of ACPs that promise to elevate the look of interiors, facades and other cladding surfaces with its sheen and a variety of colour options.