It is becoming more and more common for architects, interior designers, and design and façade consultants to choose metal composite panels, particularly aluminium composite panels, as one of the construction materials. Given the high longevity of ACPs, it is a preferred choice for urban designs. However, what has often been a hinder is the ACP sheet price.

Compared to other accessible façade materials like glass, wood, etc., ACPs are undoubtedly more expensive. Although appearance is a key factor, the cost of the application would be difficult to justify if it were only about looks. Let’s investigate the major reasons that affect the cost of aluminium composite panels.

So, here are the most important deciding factors of ACP sheet prices in India.

Varies due to the LME prices

The primary raw material utilised in ACPs is aluminium coil. Facades and corporate identity are the sectors that employ it most frequently. Due to the rise in demand for ACP sheets for both residential and business constructions, the costs of these sheets have also increased. The shift in metal prices has an effect on the demand-supply chain since it decreases the supply of raw materials. This impacts the per square foot of aluminium composite panel price.

Metal-to-sheet conversion

For Aluwall, the aluminium is procured from Hindalco. After the metal is sourced, they must first undergo a lengthy purification process in order to be used in ACPs. It entails a sequential procedure that begins with extraction, cleaning, crushing, filtering, and cooling, and ends with the creation of sheets. Because of the extensive labour and material requirements, the ACP sheet price as a whole differs from the prices of the other ACP brands.

Alloy’s mechanical characteristics

The ACP sheet price is influenced by the chemical make-up and temper of the aluminium alloys. Irrespective of the thickness of the sheet, the type of alloy used can influence how much an ACP sheet costs. The yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation capability of the sheet are all influenced by the alloy chosen. As a result, the final cost of the ACP sheet price is also influenced by it.

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The three types of paints most frequently used are PVDF, SDP, and FEVE. In general, paint costs fall into the following categories: FEVE> PVDF> SDP> Polyester (where > stands for larger than). All these paints use different categories of the binder. This means the durability, gloss, and longevity will also be varying in these paints. As a result, the ACP sheet price per sq ft will also be different.


One of the most notable features of Aluwall’s ACP is its fire resistance. According to the FR Core in ACPs, when heated to breakdown, it can undergo an endothermic reaction that releases water from hydration, quenches the polymer, and dilutes the smoke. It goes without saying that this core has a cost and differs from other typical ACPs.

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