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What is ACP?2019-10-10T09:57:19+05:30

ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panel.

What is LDPE?2019-10-10T09:58:14+05:30

LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylene. It is used as a core of Aluminium composite Panels.

What are the various thicknesses in which AluWall ACP is available?2020-01-17T11:17:47+05:30

It is available in 3mm thickness.

What is the size of AluWall ACP?2020-01-17T11:21:45+05:30

The width of Aludecor ACP is 1220 mm and length can be up to 3660 mm.

From where do we source Aluminium Alloy? And who are our PVDF paint suppliers?2020-01-17T11:21:42+05:30

We source Aluminium Alloy from Hindalco, and PVDF paint from PPG, AkzoNobel, Berger Becker and Nippon.

What are the various tolerances of AluWall ACP?2020-01-17T11:21:38+05:30

The various dimensional tolerances of aluminium composite panels are as follows:

  • Width – +/- 2.0mm
  • Length – +/- 4.0mm
  • Thickness +/- 0.2mm
What is the use of ACP in construction?2020-01-17T11:22:09+05:30

ACP as a product is used to enhance the aesthetics of a building. Its purpose is to give a well-defined, smart and a modern look.

What is tensile strength of metal and how it is expressed in units?2020-01-17T11:22:27+05:30

Tensile strength of the material is defined as the strength required to resist the tensile forces acting on any material. It is expressed as Force per unit area. Tensile strength is expressed as N/mm2. When a load is applied on a body, the body experiences compression and this generates an equal resisting force to regain its shape, and this is known as Tension or Tensile strength.

What is flexural strength?2020-01-17T11:22:50+05:30

Flexure means bending or bending strength of material. This is again calculated using bending strength formula.

Why does the paint peel off from ACP?2020-01-17T11:24:09+05:30

The paint of the ACP will peel off in case of the following reasons:

  • Improper cleaning
  • Incorrect Routing
  • Contamination of coil
  • Inappropriate cutting
What is an ACP Board?2023-10-12T12:17:55+05:30

An ACP board, short for Aluminum Composite Panel, is a composite material formed by the fusion of two distinct materials, each contributing unique traits. This innovative construction involves two thin aluminum sheets, which are coil-coated and bound together with a non-aluminum core. The core can consist of polyethylene or a blend of polyethylene and fire-resistant mineral fillers. The resulting ACP board exhibits a harmonious blend of durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of architectural applications.